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PC Based System

////PC Based System
  • 10-59prsalnet

    PRS Alnet (ANPR)

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    PRS Alnet (ANPR) is free addition to NetStation/NetHybrid software, which allows recognition and processing of cars license plates. Extensive functionality makes it easy to generate reports and quick analysis of the collected data.
  • 12-63netpos


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    NET POS is paid addition to NetStation/NetHybridHD software designed to monitor cash registers, which enables a quick analysis of counter transactions and detection of any discrepancies. Tying the video image with the receipt allows for precise analysis of every transaction, which can be located through a search with any set of given parameters
  • 11-62netaccess

    NET Access

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    NetAccess is paid addition to NetStation/Nethybrid software, dedicated to visual monitoring of access control systems. Quick access to all events generated by the access control system allows for the efficient supervision and detection of discrepancies. A flexible reporting system enables the administrator to always have the most current view of the situation on the secured site.
  • 13-67cmshub


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    CMS HUB is a server software designed for data gathering generated by VMS / NVR (NetStation / NetHybrid HD), PRS (ANPR), NET POS (Point of sale), Net Access (access control) and security systems, fire protection systems or others cooperating with VMS / NVR servers. Application works as Windows internal service and also supports MSSQL database. Basic version of MSSQL “LocalDB” is combined with CMS HUB - installation and configuration processes are fully automated.
  • cmsmobile

    CMS Mobile

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    CMS Mobile is a full-featured client application for remote access to NetStation and Net Hybrid server applications. Application is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms and is designed to use on the smartphones and tablets.
  • 7-15cmsprofessional

    CMS Professional

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    The latest version of CMS Professional (Central Monitoring Station) is designed to be compatible with all Video Management Systems design by Alnet Systems - NetStation NetHybrid and NetHybrid HD.
  • nethybrid

    Net Hybrid HD

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    NetHybridHD supports simultaneous use of analog, IP and HD-SDI cameras. This solution gives the user maximum configuration capabilities and allows expansion of any video technology. Application functionality is similar to NetStation software, which makes both systems fully compatible between each other and can be implemented together in any distributed system.
  • 8-46netstation

    Net Station

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    NetStation is an advanced digital CCTV video surveillance software designed for systems of any complexity and size. Flexible scalability - per single IP channel - allows precise system adjustment to meet customer needs. Maximal IP channel number per server is 128 (4x NetStation 32 applications).